Alone With A Drone (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/11/2016  Duration 29:9


The oh so sweet and petite Brice Bardot was super bored at home. She was rummaging around the house for something to play with, and boy was she in luck! Her brother had left his drone in the house.soonBrice saw it she knew it was time to have some fun. She flew it all over the neighborhood, recording herself from far above. Shes already pretty small but on this drone footage she looked even tinier than an ant! Anyways, one of her hot neighbors spotted her playing with the drone. This gave Brice an idea. Maybe she could spy on this guy covertly with the drone. Sure enough, she catches him right after a shower and sees his huge cock whip out. Shes so shocked that she s the drone controller, causing the drone to crash land right in front of this guys window. She might be fucked LITERALLY. She lays down a few garbage cans to get her little ass over his fence before he could spot it. She wasnt fast enough, and got caught. Her neighbor knew what she was up to, and before she could leave, he asked if she wanted to see more. She followed him inside and couldnt wait to get her tight mouth and pussy on that meat rocket. First she sucked it to moisten it up, then she got her pussy turnt outa good little neighborhood slut. Watching her take a hefty load of cum to the face was almostexcitingflying the drone itself. What a fun day Brice had!


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