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Eden wakes up in her best friends bed after a wicked rager and had one of the most relaxing dreams ever. She was hoping for a hearty brunch with her bestie, but she got called into work. She left Eden a note though, saying to ask her brother Brad for anything she might need. Score! This is exactly what she was dreaming about, finally getting some alone time with the super sexy Brad. Now that she has her chance, she cant miss it. She meets brad in the kitchen, confesses how much she has wanted it, and wastes not time sucking on brads meaty cock. Brad knows how to take full advantage of any situation, and swiftly moves Eden over to the couch where he proceeds to rub her pussy with the head of his dick. Eden stops him in his tracks. It turns out she made a promise to his sister that they would lose their virginity together, and cant give up the pussy just yet, but maybe Brad can fuck her ass instead? Honestly give him any hole and he will fuck it, gladly. Brad stretched Edens tight bootyhole to the EXTREME, forcing her to gasp for air and beg for more. The anal creampie we are blessed with at the finale confirmed not just our satisfaction, but also confirmed that Edens dream had finally cum true. DONT STOP BELIEVING!


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