Anal Virginity IS NOT Sacred (TeamSkeet)

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Casey shows up at her fiances brothers house, only two days before he is supposed to arrive. As she as she meets Ike, she can tell the good looks run in the family. Ike is very warm and shows Casey all around the house, only to be cut short by Casey. She was super tired from travelling and really wanted to just relax and settle in. Ike shows her to her room, where she starts to unpack. She knows Ike is a photographer, and as she pulls out her lingerie, she thinks of a great idea! Maybe Ike is willing to take some hot sexy pics of her as a special gift for her fiance. This could be great. She walks downstairs in her black lace, and slowly approaches Ike. Ike thinks Casey might be trying to blackmail him, but shes quite the smooth talker and convinces him otherwise. After the shoot is over, Casey goes to give Ike a kiss as a thanks, but accidentally pecks him right on the lips. She apologizes right away and they both make like it never happened. The next day at the pool, Casey asks Ike to help her sunscreen herself. He makes sure to get every spot so she doesnt receive any unwanted tan lines. She offers to do Ikes legs, but ends up giving him that natural sunscreen saliva treatment all over his cock! Boy what a feat to watch. Caseys beautiful mouth knows all the tricks to pleasing a pecker. Ike immediately regrets it, but Casey reassures him that its only a blowjob and it doesnt matter! The next day, Ike walks in on Casey and she needs to have a serious talk with him. Although she plans on saving her vaginal virginity for her fiance, she desperately wants to know what its like to be with another man. So she offers Ike her oh so tight booty hole. Ike pounds Caseys asshole like nothing she has ever felt. If anal sex is even half as good as in the pussy, she cant wait to get that thing turnt out too. In order to keep this an extra tight secret, Casey makes sure to swallow that juicy load of cum down her throat, where no one will ever find it. Lets just say shes quite ANAL when it comes to cum disposal LOL.


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