Anastasia Fucks A Nerd (Teamskeet )

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 Upload Date: 11/13/2016  Duration 29:12


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Anastasia had to make up a test after school because she skipped the day of the test. She still doesnt know what the fuck shes doing, so after the teacher leaves the room she asked the nerd next to her if he could help her with the test. At first hes not about it but as soon as Anastasia starts stripping in front of him and shoving her tits in his face he quickly changes his mind. Shell go above and beyond to get help so she can pass the test so she gets on her knees and slurps and jerks on his hard member! The nerd proceeded to eat her little snatch before sliding his dick into her on top of the teachers desk! Then she rode his cock on the teachers chair before he bent her over the desk and pummeled into her from behind! All the help from Anastasias pussy made him burst into her mouth and all the cum dripped onto her perky tits! She deserves a good grade after that performance!




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