Babysitter Does Anything To (Teamskeet)

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I called up the Babysitters Club and requested my usual babysitter, Miranda. I had new cameras installed recently because of other people telling me stories how their babysitters would steal stuff from the house. While I was out running errands I watched her every move - she didnt steal anything, but she did masturbate on my couch while my kid was sleeping! I got home and asked if there was anything she wanted to tell me but she kept acting stupid. I threatened to call the cops and the babysitters club and told her I should just fire her. Thats when she got on her knees and begged to keep her job! Miranda told me she would do ANYTHING to keep her job and reached for my dick, taking off my shorts and filling her mouth with my dick! Since she said anything I took the opportunity to fuck her tight teen pussy! I bent her over and drilled her from behind and busted my nut inside of her! She can keep her job afterall...



No Condom

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