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Dylan knew he was in for a treat as soon as he checked in to Maricas bed and breakfast. Not only was Marica smoking hot, but so was her step-daughter Cindy, who helped Dylan unpack and freshen up. Cindy hops in the bath with Dylan and starts massaging his back and pressing against him. Shortly after, Marica comes in and Dylan gets super nervous. He thought he was doing something wrong, until Marica explicitly instructed Cindy on how to give Dylan a happy ending. After he cums, Marica wishes him a good night and informs him when breakfast will be ready the next morning. At breakfast, Dylan was about to rush out for his business meeting, but Marica urged him to stay. Its important he clears his head before work, HIS DICK HEAD that is. Marica signals to Cindy to start sucking his wang off. Marica also assisted by pressing Cindys head down roughly on Dylans pelvis to assure ultimate satisfaction. The next day, as Dylan prepared to pack his bags for departure, Marica stops him in her lingerie. She explains to him that since she allowed him her daughter, he must now take care of her. Marica got her oral fixation satisfied by a mouthful of hard cock and her vaginal fixations quenched by the same damn thing. Cindy watched from a distance, until Marica spotted her. She informed her she is now skilled enough to take care of guests on her own and its time to practice. This mother daughter duo got more than they bargained for in the form of a huge nut load to both of their faces. We need to know the location of this bed and breakfast asap!


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