Bitty Bopper Gets A Scare (Teamskeet)

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The oh so tiny Katya was excited for her first year tricktreating by herself! She planned out her route to hit all the most luxurious houses that are usually very generous with the candy they give. On her first stop, the mansion had its door open and she was greeted by a tall skeleton statue holding more candy than she had ever seen in her little life!she rummaged through it for the dank treats, she felt something scary! It was a big fleshy lollycock. Turns out it wasnt a statue at all, just some little perv trying to get off. Katya was not amused, but he did offer her the entire bag of sweets if she finished what she started. She continued to suck his cock while it was still nestled in the bag, which was kind of spooky. He eventually took it out and then watched this minuscule bitty bopper bounce on his cock in all sorts of ways throughout the living room. Her costume wasnt complete without a face full of cum, and neither was her candy stash. She added some jizz to her bite sized chocolate bar for a spermy rendition of a smore. Talk about the best Halloween ever!




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Big Ass

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