Breaking Up And Diving In (

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Karlie is forced to stay at her moms friends place for a while, which isnt too bad except her daughter Luzbel is a real b-i-t-c-h. She begins to get bored and sneaks into Luzbels room. She hears Luzbels phone ring and sees what it was all about. Luzbel got a message from another girl asking to fuck! This is weird since she supposedly has a boyfriend. JustKarlie is about to screenshot it, Luzbel walks in. Luzbel is feeling diabolical at this point, offering the gossip and her boyfriend to Karlie in exchange for eating her pussy. Karlie would love to put Luzbel in her place, so she allows it. Luzbel gets to lick that virgin cunt and dyke out her assholeKarlie has never had before (literally). The sex was great, but then Luzbel had to go and tell Karlie how shes been broken up with her boyfriend, and how this was a trick to get all up in that pristine little twat of hers. Luzbel really lived up to her reputation, and left Karlie confused and dripping wet.

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