Cassidy Discovers Anal (TeamSkeet)

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Cassidy went into her sisters room to look for some money to go shopping with. When she opened the nightstand drawer to look for her sisters wallet she found more than she bargained for - she found anal beads! That made her curious because her sister was a virgin. But it made sense to her because if she has anal sex she still remains a virgin! She opened the anal beads and decided to try them on herself and was amazed with how good it felt. Her sisters boyfriend came by to pick up a bag and Cassidy was caught in the act. She was super embarrassed but he explained to her about the loophole and that it was okay with what she was doing. Cassidy asked if he would try it with her and he obliged. She had a lot of fun while sucking his meat and getting it nice and wet for her virgin ass. He slid it in slowly, but eventually he was pounding into her tight ass and even making her orgasm! In the end she dropped to her knees and happily accepted his load to her face!




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