Caught Camming On The Job (Teamskeet)

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Mercedes needed someone last minute to watch her kids so her and her husband could go out and enjoy some alone time. She gave the babysitters club, and lucky Sara was available. Mercedes is very picky about who she lets take care of her kids, so she tries to get the low down on her from the agency. Sara seems legit, but that wont stop Mercedes from laying down the law as soon as she arrives. The rules seemed super strict, but Sara put on a smile and nodded her head until they left. She lets out a big sigh of relief and an even bigger what a bitch --- referring to Mercedes of course. Now that she has the house all to herself, time to get the side hustle started! Babysitting pays OK but being a webcam model is where the real bucks are at. Sara plays with her tits and pussy and earns almost quadruple what she does babysitting. Its not a bad gig, until you get caught. Mercedes and Ike arrive home early and are appalled at what they see Sara doing. Mercedes thinks the best course of action would be to try to humiliate her and force her to do a private show for her and her husband, but it ended up just making them all super horny. They bring her upstairs to the bedroom, and Mercedes gets to take out the remainder of her bitchiness on Saras pussy, while Ike gets to chill and fuck two beautiful tight cunts. He adorns their faces with some steaming hot semen, and Sara still ended up reaching her quota for the day. Life is good :)


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