Cece Buellers Day Off (Teamskeet)

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Principal Rich is obsessed with Cece. Shes too smart for her own good and always skips class. Today he is gonna catch her. Cece was getting ready for school, when she realized it was the nicest day it has been for a long time and it shouldnt be wasted in a classroom. She calls her mom and does the fake Sick" bit and she falls for it! Shes off the hook yet again, time to turn up the tunes and Jam. On the other side of town, Principal Rich finishes his roll check and sees that Cece is missing yet again. Its time to find out what shes up to. Principal Rich sneaks over to her house, and catches her being a good for nothing truant! Not even studying, just lollygagging. Principal asks for an explanation, but the sly Cece just starts to undress instead. Its not gonna work. But, then her sweet perky tits pop out and Principal Rich thinks they might be able to look past it, only if Cece quits lollygagging on the bed and starts lollyGAGGING on his cock! Cece uses her throat and pussy to gain herself a few extra sick days for the rest of the semester in quite the cinematic fashion. WAY TO GO CECE!


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