Clearing Your Head At The Gym (Teamskeet)

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Joseline is the definition of a gym rat. Whenever she has some spare time shes working out, and people have noticed, Especially the gym manager. He always sees her going hard in the paint so one day he decided to find out what her deal was. He asked if she was training for anything in particular, but Joseline just likes to go to clear her mind. The gym manager insisted there were other ways to do that, but Joseline just wanted to get back to her workout.the gym was closing up, the manager walked over to Joseline to give her the boot, but it turns out she was actually more about getting that dick. She sucked his huge cock dry right there on the weight bench, then had him fuck her on any machine she could stretch into a sex position on. This was by far the clearest mind and toughest workout Joseline has had to date. Plus, the post workout cum shot really supplied her with that good protein her muscles have been craving.


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