Cream Filled Middle Eastern (Teamskeet)

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Ada is a foreign exchange student from the Middle East looking for a place to stay, in exchange for some housework, while she continues her studies. She answered an ad looking for just that and thought it was her lucky day! The day of her move in came and she met the owner of the house for the first time. He was impressed with her willingness to get to work, but once he find out she was raised to obey ANYTHING a man tells her to do, he had other types of jobs in mind for Ada. He made her drop to her knees and suck his cock in the kitchen and he made her take off her pants so he can fuck her on his kitchen counter! He wanted to know what her titties looked like so he made her to pull those out too! This big tittied desert beauty was apprehensive at first, but after a couple of thrusts her pussy was dripping wet and happily taking that huge dick as well as the huge load he made her drip out of her snatch!


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Cock Gobbling Carrie (TeamSkeet)

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