Creamy PikaPies (TeamSkeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/29/2016  Duration 37:5


Cece loves her Pika. She talks to it, takes care of it, and even lets it suck her tits and pussy. She wishes Pika was real so that they could be boyfriend and girlfriend, but for now, just letting the doll eat her out will have to do. As the Pika is neck deep in Ceces pussy, one of her brothers friends hears her moaning. He creeks the door open and sees whats going on, then hears Cece once again say how she wishes Pika was real. Richie gets an idea. As Cece is sleeping, he goes into her room dressed up as a Pika and softly begins to cuddle. She wakes up puzzled, and has no idea who this dude is. He explains he is her wish come true, a real life Pika. He then shows her his happy stick, which she can kiss and play with. Cece really liked that, and even went as far to suck it. She then fulfilled her Pika promise and let Richie ram that pussy just like his trainer Poke Man would. Pika had a shocking orgasm and came right in Ceces deep pussy. Can a Pika breed with a Cece? Only time will tell.



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