Date Night Ditch (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/15/2016  Duration 28:45


Peter has a hot date tonight for the first time in a while! This means its time to call the babysitter ASAP so the kids are taken care of and he can do his thing worry free. He asks for his usual babysitter Martini. Shes great with the kids and doesnt mind staying late. When she arrives, he tells her the situation and then heads to the bathroom to finish getting ready. As martini is waiting in the living room, she sees Peters phone ringing. Its his date! Martini answers the phone, curses the girl out, and tells Peter that she just cancelled. He gets super angry, until Martini offers him some of her other services. Only for her hot clients does she offer sucking and riding dick. If she really likes you you can even nut on her face, which Peter thoroughly enjoyed. As Martini naps after they fuck, Peter gets a call from his bitch ass date. He curses her out for cancelling, then reveals what Martini had told her. Not sure what happened to Martini after that, but Pete was royally pissed.


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