Dick Y Dinero (Teamskeet)

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Raul was on the hunt! What for? The caliente little Jade Preesleyy. They saw her modeling profile and had to give her a try out. They found her working her usual shift at the flower shop, and offered her an audition. She follows them back to the house then asks them the 100 euro question... Is this for porno? Of course! She was considering it when she saw the cash, but as soon as Raul whipped out his fat chorizo Jade new she was getting the better end of the dick, oops better end of the deal not dick. She could barely fit that cock in her mouth, but shoved it on down as deep as she could. Raul was pleased, especially when she stopped sucking and started fucking. She was so light that she practically bounced on his cock with no effort, making this sexual experience not just orgasmic but also quite relaxing. He needed to bust though, so he rammed her muy rapido until his chorizo filled with leche and squirted all over jades face. Que Hermosa!


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