Disrespecting Her Body (TeamSkeet)

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Adriana is the secretary to the wealthy Mr. Stevens. She usually handles solely his affairs, but today she got thrown a curve ball. His wife Christie had just returned from Europe and Adriana will have to assist her with anything she needs. From the first second they meet Adriana could tell she was super bitchy, so she tried her best to keep some distance.Christie was inspecting the house, she found a loose pair of panties that certainly werent hers. She was pissed and confronted Adriana right away. Adriana tried to deny it, but Christie knew it was bullshit. She even shoved the panties into Adrianas mouth so she would shut the fuck up and listen. Her and her husband share everything together. She wants a piece of her. Christie throws Adriana against the wall and starts finger force fucking her asshole. She moves to the pussy then gets coerced into some dirty tribbing and dildo fucking. Adriana better not forget who she belongs to from this day on...



Lesbian (Les)

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Big Tits

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