Drowning In Her Flower (Teamskeet)

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Ellena notices Nina is staying at her grandmas, so she decides to invite her over to chill. Nina was relieved because Ellenas pool is so much nicer than her grannies plus it will be refreshing to spew with a girl her age. Nina opens up to Ellena about why her parents sent her to live with her grandma. Turns out she was going way too boy crazy and they were worried for her well being and safety. Before they can continue the conversation, the breeze picks up and it was getting way too cold. They move over to the jacuzzi to finish this conversation topless! Once all nice and warm, Ellena tries to pry a bit. She asks Nina if she has ever been with a girl before. Its so much more low key and her parents would probably never put two and two together. Turns out Nina has been too busy fucking guys to lick some muff, but it has crossed her mind. Ellena takes that as an invitation. She offers Nina a chance to stroke a womans pussy for the first time, and within seconds shes hooked. From there she had to taste and feel every single part of Ellenas body she could. This scene got hot and steamy real quick, and not just because of the jacuzzi!


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