Evaluate Your Sex Life (Teamskeet)

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Apolonia is going around the neighborhood trying to survey people about their healthy living habits. She eventually asks this guy about his sexual health, which wasnt awkward at all. He responds with average, laughs, and then asks Apolonia how she would rate hers. She gets a bit defensive, but then our stud takes control and starts asking all the questions. When he finds out shes single and slightly inexperienced, he offers her some cash to strip. Its a lot more than shes making doing surveys, so she agrees. He eventually offers her more to fuck him. She resents it and calls this guy a pig the whole time, but he definitely got his moneys worth. Apolonia drenched his cock with warm throat, rode it slippery style, and even proceeded to give him a fire footjob. After surveying every hole she had, this guy busted all over Apolonias gorgeous face. This now completes our survey. Thank you and have a skeet filled day!


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