Fifth Base And A Movie (

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If only baseball was hip to the anal game. The fifth base, its hard to reach, but when youve got a cock hungry slut like Holly Hendrix it should be no problem at all. Her sister is dating this new guy Ike, who is a total babe in Hollys eyes. What makes him even hotter is that he always sneaks into their house to fuck her sister. Holly loves sneaking up to the door to listen, and does it every single time. She wants her chance with Ike, but knows her sister will KILL HER if she finds out. Luckily, shes a heavy sleeper so Holly plans a group movie night. Once sis falls asleep, Holly is ready to gape her brown eye beyond its limits. Her asshole glided so smoothly on Ikes cock it reminded me of one of those weird 0 friction workouts from the 80s. Anyway, after that stinker got beaten to fresh fibrous pulp, she took a mixture of booty juice and man fluid to the dome. She didnt have time to wipe it off before sis woke up, and she did notice. But the prissy little bitch of a sister could only worry about her Ikey. If only she knew the HOLE truth.



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