Four Hands Are Better Than One (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 12/19/2016  Duration 25:45


Aaliyah was ready to relax when she went in to get her four hands massage. The masseurs made it a very intimate experience, rubbing her ever so gently and utilizing refreshing botanical oils to really heighten the senses. Looks like these guys got a bit too excited which may have compromised their professionalism, but luckily Aaliyah didnt mind. She noticed that one of the men got a huge raging stiffy halfway through the massage, so she did what any super relaxed hot babe would do. She reaches for it and proceeded to suck it. These guys quickly go from massage mode to fuck mode and make sure all her holes are taken care of at the same time. One sticks his cock in her pussy, the other in her mouth, and that makes for one super happy customer. Aaliyahs luscious curves are hot to watch and the way she caresses a cock with her mouth is undeniably wondrous. They cum all over her ass and pussy making it a captivating end to one of the most adventurous massages we have ever witnessed.


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