Freshman Orientation (Teamskeet)

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Hanging around the local college we spied a couple super cute little freshman that were hanging around. We acted like we were Seniors making a film to help the Freshman get familiar with college life. Tatiana and Lucia seemed a little shy but after talking to them for a bit we convinced Tatiana to come with us to help us shoot this school video. She was nervous though asked her friend to come along also but Lucia couldn’t and we just head over with Tatiana. She was getting pretty comfortable and was asking us if it was cool if she took her shirt off because it was hot. Hot my ass, it was cool in there but she was getting excited and we weren’t going to tell a sexy young girl no. She stripped and started touching her body, moaning and breathing hard. Her pussy was wet so I got to work poked her teen pussy. In and out she was moaning so hard. Her pussy was hot and wet and I could feel her pulsating as I was fucking. Then I pulled out and came all over her little freshman face! I hope she doesn’t get mad when she finds out I haven’t been in school in 10 years lol.




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