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Alice an Angel do everything together! They shop for exxxtrasmall clothing, exercise, and even shower as one. Today, after their workout, Alice was wondering about Angels new stepbro. Turns out she hasnt really got to spend time with him since hes always busy with football. Alice didnt really care about that though, she just wanted to know if he was hot and if he was single. Angel had no time for her childish ways, so she insisted they go shower and get ready to study. They always shower together since they are so small its tough to reach the hard spots and the help of a friend makes it so much easier. Just as they are getting lathered up, Angels stepbro walks in and is shocked at what hes seeing. Luckily, Alice invites him in and this shower goes from warm to steamy real quick. Chad starts fucking both of them in the shower until he bangs them so hard the dirt literally falls off. Once clean and sparkly, he moves these little spinners to the bed and finishes them off. He crams their tight pussies with rock hard stepbrother dick making them beg for a taste of his seed. These two tiny sluts get a load to remember and stepbro will never be able to take a normal shower again.

Lesbian (Les)

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