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Kimmy Granger is a bad girl. She sneaks into her neighbors backyard to use his pool and to tan in his backyard while hes at work, but today it didnt go as planned. The neighbor forgot his wallet so he came back home to get it when he saw perfect Kimmy laying nude in his backyard! He went outback and was pissed that she was trespassing and she couldnt stop apologizing - she offered to do whatever it takes for him to not call the cops or tell her parents! Kimmy showed him her perky tits and her perfect pink pussy and that was enough to persuade him. He took out his big stick and she showed him how good she is at giving head! They took it inside where he drilled her tight teeny pussy making her moan and cum! He bent Kimmy over destroyed her 18 year old twat, making her cum on his huge rod one last time before he shot his load all over her beautiful face! Tell us what you think of Kimmy in the comments below.


Kimmy Granger
Kimmy Granger




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