Getting Sluts To Understand (Teamskeet)

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Jewels is a spoiled little brat. She never listens and always has everything handed to her, but looks like thats about to stop for good. Alexa is her french tutor, and always seems to have a hard time actually helping Jewels because its either she doesnt pay attention or does other things instead of actually being interested in the topic. As Alexa is trying to go over some basic phrases, Jewels gets a phone call, answers it right away, and officially cares less about everything else. She even has the balls to get up and walk to the other room for some privacy. Alexa just sits there with her binder SHOCKED. She goes to follow her to lay down the law, but as she peeks around the corner, she sees Jewels having phone sex with her boyfriend and playing with herself. Alexa gets a bit turned on by this, and starts also playing with herself as she peers from the doorway. She then confronts Jewels, hides her phone, and starts being one dominant bitch. The only way Alexa can ever get Jewels to pay attention is if its something she finds stimulating, So she pushes her against the wall and brings on the DYKING heavy style. From harsh pussy rubbing, to mouthfuls of muff, we think that after this session Jewels can definitely say LESSON LEARNED!

Lesbian (Les)

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Cum Loving Lesbians (

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I Want to Tell You

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Slutty Touchy (Teamskeet)

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Sharing the Siblings Part 1 (Brazzers)

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From Now On You Are My Bitch (Teamskeet)

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Lesbian Bondage In The Rooftop (Erito)

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Step-Mom Strap-On Anal (Erito)

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First Time Jitters (Teamskeet)

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Busty Kloe (Teamskeet)

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Girl in a Room

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Testing Out Her Skills (Teamskeet)

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In Bed With Me

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