Give Me The Usual (Teamskeet)

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Mr. Crew can always rely on the babysitters club, especially his usual babysitter Blair. Shes always on time, and gets the job done no questions asked. For this occasion, Mr. Crew shouldnt be home too late, so he gives Blair a quick tour of the new house then leaves her to take care of his little princess. Blair of course makes sure his daughter is fine, but then she turns into a complete slut. She starts playing with her pussy and taking selfies right there on the couch for no apparent reason! Then she takes things up a notch and whips out two giant dildos. This girl craves cock like there is no tomorrow. Just as shes about to cum, Mr. Crew gets home, so she hides her paraphernalia quickly and tries to act normal and innocent. She asked to be paid before she leaves, and just as Mr. Crew was reaching for his wallet he uncovered both dildos. He was in shock. Hes paying her to watch his kid, not sit there and fuck herself! Blair doesnt get it, so in order to not let this get out to the agency, she decides to suck and fuck in order to make things right. You would think maybe Mr. Crew would have moved it to the bedroom, but he decides to fuck the living life out of Blair right there on the couch. Be sure to keep an eye out for her interesting facial expressions, they tell a tale all of their own. The last thing Blair does is suck all of the cum right out of Mr. Crews throbbing daddy cock. We still to this day dont know if she got paid, but we sure know who we will call next time we need a babysitter.


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