High class working girl (Teamskeet)

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Today while we were out on the town we almost bumped into a hot ass brunette on the side walk but I’m glad for that. Gave us a chance to talk to her. She was one stunning Latina with some attitude that made me want her even more. She told us about all her amazing skills and how much she wanted to perform for us! It took little talking to get her back to our place. She showed off that booty by bending over and lifting her little dress. Fucking mouthwatering! She wanted so see what I was made of so I whipped it out for her and she jumped on my cock. Sucking and stroking and deepthroating like I’ve never had before. Then she slipped off her panties and bent over and let me fuck that shaved pussy. It was juicy and tight and it felt like it was gripping my cock. This was the best If ever had and banged her until I shot ever drop of cum on her! I was not expecting Cristhina to be this good!


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