I Can Help You (Teamskeet)

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Well Im just here at home, dealing with this shit bag who hasnt sent some reports right when Iggy walks in. I thought I had the day but you know how it is when youre important. I got tied down with some work so had to have Iggy come over last minute. I don?t know about you guys but I cant concentrate on work when Im irritated so I chose to do what I always do... whip my dick out and stroke it to some TEAMSKEET. ALL OF A FUCKIN SUDDEN this girl just appears behind me and startles the shit out of me. Im here full mast, pants around my ankles and poof there she is. I was embarrassed but apparently the baby sitter wanted to do more than just watch. She quickly moves towards me and starts to give me a blowie at no extra charge. From there we move to the couch and I bang the fuck out of her. Her fat white milky ass slapping against my body, I cant believe I lasted as long as I did. She starts throwing her ass hard and I cant resist. I release my unborn children all over her ass. Now THATS Amoré!

Cowgirl (Cowgirl)

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