Im not going to class (Teamskeet)

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So walking around downtown during lunch I saw my friend Yulissa Camacho hanging out in the park instead of going to class. I asked her and she said she didn’t feel like going to class anymore. She wanted to try making a movie… a sexy movie. I told her I thought it would be better if she went to class and got a degree but she said she wasn’t into that idea. I begged her to come back to my office so we could talk it over a bit more before she made up her mind. When I got her back I forgot what I was arguing for because she laid back and spread her legs. I couldn’t think about anything else but touching her all over. She had a great perky pair of natural tits and sexy wet teen pussy. Teen pussy is the fucking best. I felt her up and she didn’t stop me so I kept going and I had my tongue in her pussy. Yulissa was so horny that she begged me to fuck her and I was going to do anything she asked for! So I fucked her and shot a load all over her teeny pussy! Fuck school, she should follow her heart lol!

Money Shot (Money Shot)

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