It Swallows Part Two (Brazzers)

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 Upload Date: 01/07/2017  Duration 50:16


Piper Perri learns that her former boyfriend, Johnny Sins, has suddenly and mysteriously passed away. She mourns the loss of his big dick in the comfort of her bed, but she soon realizes that she’s not alone—her boyfriend has returned to pleasure her for one last time! While she knows better than to believe in ghost stories, she can’t help but want to suck his cock. Can she somehow reverse the curse and rescue her boyfriend from the spiritual world, or will she also become consumed by the jinx and learn how “it” swallows souls?


Piper Perri
Piper Perri


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50:16 it-swallows-part-two-brazzers

It Swallows Part Two (Brazzers)

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