It's a Fine Line

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;Have you noticed how much the Olympics’ judges look for two bodies that are “in sync” and perfectly intertwined during figure skating competition? Well, if fingering, licking and sucking gorgeous pussy was an Olympic event – and why the hell not? – then Lisa and Natalia would take home the gold! College student Lisa made her debut on X-Art not long ago, and when she took one look at new cummer Natalia, you knew that these two beautiful young women wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off one another for long!  Between us – they couldn’t wait to get their clothes off! You will hate yourself if you miss any moment of this passionate yet tender pairing of brunette and redhead in a hot competition to see who could cum the hardest and the longest.  It’s a fine line in judging who had the best time fucking her partner. I call it an orgasmic photo finish! Do you agree?


The Red Fox
The Red Fox



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