Looking For A Raise (Teamskeet)

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Eliza has been babysitting with Mr. London for just about a day and she already wants a raise! She has good reason for it though. She saw some checks for his previous babysitters and they were doubleeven triple what she was making. When she asks what she has to do to earn it, Mr. London places her hand on his cock and tells her she might not be ready. Eliza begs to differ, and opens her mouth wide. Eliza has had sex before, but never with some motivationshe has now. She made it her goal to earn this raise by being the dirtiest little slut she could be. Elizas pussy will never be the same again, and neither will her bank account. She got her first raise in a gooey shot of cum, but next weeks pay will be sure to be direct deposit :P.


Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane



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