Making Hard Decisions (Teamskeet)

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When it comes to straight shooters, thats Sally Squirt! She would never do anything to risk her job as a babysitter. Its what she loves to do, plus she cant have kids so this is the closest she will ever get to be a mommy.She got specially requested by her client who really puts her in a rough place. She told him she loves helping out, and he replies with maybe she can help him out with other things. It sounds sexual and sally calls it out as inappropriate, but the client says what if he told everyone he caught her stealing his wifes jewelry... She then realizes theres an easy way and a hard way. She takes the hard way, and starts sucking his cock til the point of no return. Once her tiny mouth lubes his dick up to the moistest point, she takes that hard wet cock in a deep doggy and any other position you can dream up. That cum facial at the end really brought out the twinkle in her eye!




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