Man Milk, Cookies, And Tiny (Teamskeet)

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 Upload Date: 12/19/2016  Duration 44:6


Captain of tiny troop 69 is extremely pissed. Her number one cookie buyer has been refusing her boxes of scrumptious treats for days now. His excuse is that he buys them off another girl scout. Kiley cant believe it. She decides to camp outside of this guys house to wait and see what this other scout is doing different. As she sees the other girl go inside, she creeps around back to see whats going on, and was shocked! Turns out her regular has been buying cookies from the other scout because shes been sucking all the milk out of his cock. Two can play that game! Kylie prances her petite little ass to his house the next day, breaks in, and leaves a trail of cookies leading to her hot naked body on the couch. She implores him to only be her customer, and reinforces how much she needs him by letting him pile drive her minuscule pussy into pure orgasm. With a cock almost half the size of her body, this guy was able to realize that this little cookie is the only spinner that deserves his man milk from now on!

No Condom

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