Maya Stays Pure (TeamSkeet)

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 Upload Date: 11/29/2016  Duration 36:11


Mayas mother is worried that she has been hanging out with the wrong crowd and possibly having sex, losing her virginity and purity so she calls up with bible study teacher to have him talk to her one on one. When he goes over her house she admits that she is still a virgin but she thinks about what it would feel like if his penis was inside of her! The bible teacher explains that there are other special places that can be used to remain pure - her mouth and her asshole. He tells her he can show her if she wants and she agrees. First, he bends her cute little ass over and licks and fingers her butthole before she gets on her knees and sucks her first dick ever! When he lays little Maya on the bed he uses his fingers to stretch her virgin ass before stuffing it with his huge cock! After a while she cant get enough of his rod going in and out of her tight hole! Finally, he busted his holy seed all in her butt and watched it drip out as he told her that shes still pure as can be!


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