Mexican for Dessert (TeamSkeet)

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Zoey has worked really hard to impress her love interest who she has invited over today. He arrives with an appetite from the aroma thats wafting outside and to his surprise it was Zoeys home cooking. He sits at the table and they begin to chat and flirt. The meal goes as planned but he asks for dessert and there is nothing prepared. He offers to go pick something up but Zoey already had something else on her mind. She stretches her foot out under the table and begins to rub his penis. The excitement has him in awe and she starts to undress. She shoves his fat white cock in her cute little brown mouth with passion. He picks her up and puts her on the table and starts to finger and lick her tiny latin pussy. They get on a chair and start to fuck hard then quickly he bends her over on the kitchen table and fucks her doggy style. The slapping of his balls against her body cant be ignored as he thrusts deep and heavy until he fills her little Mexican empanada with some of his filling.




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