More than Ever

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 Upload Date: 08/19/2011  Duration 7:36


In this HD video, blonde fashion model Annemarie slips out of her bikini and shows you more than ever before.Annemarie is accustomed to being in front of the camera. She's appeared in many magazines and catalogs as a fashion model. When she decided to work with X-Art, she agreed to push herself beyond her usual boundaries... to see what it felt like to really expose herself to the camera. After slipping out of her colorful bikini, Annemarie reclined on the sofa and let her fingers wander down. She teased us, spreading her perfect pink pussy open just a tiny bit at first. She moved her pointer-finger in slow circles, gently rubbing her clit. She pushed one finger inside, then spread herself wider. She inserts her fingers and pulls gently in and out. After a little while she asks if she can use her favorite vibrator (of course we say yes, we do not like to deny the models anything). She holds the head of the vibrating toy against her clit until she has a powerful orgasm for the FIRST time ever on camera. She is so proud of herself for cumming on camera, she is all smiles the rest of the week in Spain. Come inside and watch Annemarie's first (on camera) Orgasm, only on X-Art!






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