Moving On To Better Pies (TeamSkeet)

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Cassidy has been living in the same apartment for almost three years now, and shes finally moving on to bigger and better. The last thing she has to do is pack up all her shit, which over the years piled up to be a lot. Her eagerness to get the fuck out of there allowed her to complete packing in almost no time! As shes about to wrap it up, her super cute neighbor Richie stops by to see if she needs any help. She only has a few things left on the top shelf she couldnt grab, and Richie always loves using his height to assist the world. As he goes to reach for the things over Cassidy, she feels his throbbing bulge and starts to realize how much she has wanted him, but never made the move. She wasnt the smoothest about it, but luckily Richie got the point. Three years of being sexually repressed caused Cassidy to go wild! Sucking Richies dick like theres no tomorrow and using his cock to stretch her pussy to its farthest extremities. Richie ends it with a deep and warm creampie that Cassidy will never forget. She even reached as far into her pussy as she could to scoop it out so she could save it for her memory box of the old place. Talk about a collector!


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