My Best Friends Boyfriend

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 Upload Date: 04/16/2011  Duration 17:31


In this HD video, Mikah invites her best friend Katka over for a HOT threesome with her lucky boyfriend!Katka had a fight with her boyfriend the night before. Poor girl, Mikah rubbed her shoulders to ease the tension. Before long, the girls clothes were coming off, and their lips intertwined in a tender kiss. Lucky for Mikah's boyfriend, the girls were feeling very adventurous. They began with a super-sexy two-way blowjob... taking turns licking and swallowing his cock.Then, Katka played with her pussy while Mikah climbed up and lowered herself down on her boyfriend's cock, taking him all the way inside.She rode him like a stallion while Katka kissed her. Just for fun, Katka grabbed his dick - still wet with her friend's pussy juices, and licked it a few times before putting it back inside so they could continue fucking.Just to be fair, Katka finally got her turn. He pulled out of Mikah and slid his cock deep inside Katka's pussy. Mikah got a little jealous for one second, but then her sexual excitement took over.This lucky guy then took turns fucking one girl, and then the next... back and forth... until he exploded in a unbelievable eruption of hot cum!





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