New Fish In The Pond (Teamskeet)

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We can all agree that when we were younger there would be times that we thought of school as jail. In this episode of DYKED, The way Drea and Jenna react to the new girl Alice make it seem more like a state penitentiary. It all starts in the locker room, where they notice the fresh meat. They think shes kind of hot, so now they gotta shake her down and let her know the deal. They catch Alice in the classroom studying and dont hold back at all. They immediately slam her book closed and steal her glasses. The proceed to mock her, and throw her against the wall. From there, they decide its time for her to get licked. They bend Alices petite ass over the desk and take turns slurping all the tasty juices out of her pussy that they can. Alice has no idea what to think. Instead of lashing out, she decides to play along, and make them think she liked it. This brought on an onslaught of outrageous dyking. These naughty girls made the longest pussy eating train in their schools history, and tribbed up a storm that not even a 1,000 word paper could describe. Now that Alice has been officially been dyked in, she now has friends she can rely on at her new school, and the best part of it all is they will make her cum whenever she wants too.

Lesbian (Les)

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