New Year, New Babysitter To (Teamskeet)

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Mr. Olsen called up the babysitters club to get someone over to watch his kid for a few hours while he went to take care of things at work. They sent over cute and petite Joseline Kelly! After hours of boredom she went snooping around his house, only to find a goldmine of fireworks and firecrackers! She took them and decided to have some fun while he was gone - but that plan was quickly foiled as he came up right as she was about to set them off and he was furious! She explained to him that she was bored and just looking for something to do, then had the bright idea of reaching for his dick and saying she knew what would cure her boredom! They took it inside where Joseline struggled to take his full length down her throat! He returned the favor by licking her pink pussy before sliding his monster cock inside of his 18 year old babysitter! Joseline loved every second as her boss drilled into her, making her moan with pleasure! In the end, she dropped to her knees and jerked his cum all over her pretty face!


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