No Condom No Problem (TeamSkeet)

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Brooke is extremely excited for her boyfriend Johnny to come over. Its been a while since shes gotten shagged and is heavy cravings plus her parents are away making this the perfect scenario.soonJohnny gets into the house things escalate quickly, and Brooke tells him to prepare the condom. Too bad Johnny totally forgot to bring that mega pack of flavored rubbers he just bought. Looksthey will have to perform a search and rescue around the entire house to see if any are laying around. After scavenging the entire house, they reach Brookes parents room (the last resort) and theres nothing. Instead of depressing Johnny further, Brooke takes one for the team and offers him a chance to fucklonghe pulls out and pops on her back. Soundsa deal! Unfortunately, Brooke squirted at some point leaving Johnnys cock in a sea of sensation. He barely realized he nutted all up in that uterus, butsoonhe did he was quick to dip and not be too vocal about the fresh creampie he had nestled into Brookes tight little pussy. Talk about a DICK move...


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