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Sexy Serena and her boyfriend were making out but her boyfriend was interested in a bit more. He reached for her titty and Serena pushed his hand away with a shy smile. After sitting on his lap he continually tried to take off her shirt to get to her bountiful bosom only to have her reject him again! When she finally let him take off her shirt he thanked her by sucking on those plump breasts and then tried to take off her shorts. Give an inch and take a mile right? Serena finally surrendered and happily took her mans fingers, tongue and fat cock in her slit! With one leg up on the couch her man thrust his swollen member deep inside her snatch and treated Serenas tight teen pussy like an unrelenting jackhammer. Did we mention she also loves it in the ass? Her boyfriend took care of that too! While still bent over on the couch Serenas asshole got covered in jizz and she made sure to go ass to mouth to suck out the rest!




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