Private Party (Teamskeet)

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Pedro got an invite to a big Cinco De Mayo party going down next door and we he hadnt shown up yet he got a call asking where he was?! The host needed help setting up so when he was out the door Apolonia showed up at his place thinking it was the party. Here was a hot piece of ass who was ready to get drunk and party - and he had her all to himself - so of course he called his neighbor and told him he couldnt make it because he was sick! After a few beers and sparklers Apolonia started to get in a festive mood and was moving her hips to the music! Not long after Pedro had a handful of ass and Apolonia had a mouthful of dick - stroking his shaft with to hands while sucking on the head. She got spread open wide on the couch and this sexy latina got stuffed with Pedros party favor. Apolonias tight and tanned twat got beat up until Pedro finally shot his load all the way up to her face and belly! Happy Cinco Skeeters!


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