Public Sex For Cash (Teamskeet)

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I was headed to my favorite lunch spot when Lilli came out and suddenly, I wasnt hungry anymore. You know how I roll, when I see a pretty girl I gotta stop them and try to get them in my studio for some flicks. If the shoot becomes something else then hey- thats a perk! After some idle chat Lilli agreed to let me take topless shots of her for a little bit of scratch right there in the parking lot. I took her back to my home studio and since I know how to play this game, I kept egging her on to do more and more for more cash until she finally gave up that ass! This hot ass blonde chick knew what the deal was and she was down to do almost anything I asked her for some dough - even sucking my cock and letting me beat the pussy up in a utility closet! We didnt even make it back to my place to shoot and we ended up fucking in the alley behind my building! After I covered her plump titties with my jizz Lilli took the rest of my cash and we got the fuck out of there.



Big Tits

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