Pushing Her To The Limit (Teamskeet )

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The gorgeous Sandra is a close client of mine because her husband is a friend so I hook them up. It’s really hard trying not to hit on her because she is just so curvy and sexy!! But I do my best to not stare for too long and stay on task that’s why I’m usually a little harder on her so its strictly business but I was training her really hard and she kept telling me she needed a quick break outside so I told her she had 5 minutes and we had to get back to the workout I had planned. I had the feeling she was trying something but then again it could just be me not used to the free spirit of Europeans. She asked for a massage to help her relax so I started massaging her back and she quickly lost the clothes. I tried not to think about it so we continued on with the massage and it didn’t dawn on me that she was really trying to seduce me until she sat on my face and began giving me slow head. The lips on this girl were divine. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good blow job. She was ready for the main event and climbed on top and bounced her big booty on my dick and I was close to cumming in not time. She wanted to get fucked in every position possible. I really hope her husband doesn't catch us. I would hate to lose this client… and his friendship too I guess.




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