She Cums in Colors (X art)

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 Upload Date: 11/09/2016  Duration 6:46


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Our goal when we shot this movie was simple: make super-cute Carlie cum like crrrrrrazy - for real! Carlie has two orgasms during this 7 minute video, in fact! You can even see the white milky cum dripping out of her. To begin, Carlie warms up her cute little pussy with the ultra high powered Hitachi Magic Wand. The sensations from the wand are almost more than she can take. She grabs the toy with both hands and bites her lip as her first orgasm makes her tiny body shudder with pleasure. Carlie then fucks herself with a bright pink toy, one of her personal favorites that she brought from home. She likes pushing it all the way in and pulling it out quickly, as cum drips out of her. It's WAY hot. Carlie's second orgasm is even cuter than her first... Caution: you'll wish you were there! This video may not win any awards for cinematography (the lighting isn't our usual style), but that's OK. We couldn't resist posting it for you because we know you'll love it!






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