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Shes just a small girl living in a huge world. From the second Mickey wakes up her tininess plagues her. Shes scared to get out of bed because the drop might kill her, she can barely see herself in the mirror as she prepares to get ready, and getting the last piece of laundry from the bottom of the tub means possible taking a ride on the spin cycle! It doesnt end there. She can barely reach her plates to make breakfast. Good thing a maintenance worker sees her and offers her a lift! Mickey was so grateful that she just had to pay him back. Mickey decides to drop on her knees right there in the kitchen, and stretch her mouth with this dudes humongous cock. He almost broke her! The only really good things about being that small is the intense pleasure you get from a fat cock and the ability to get fucked in almost any position. Although her size has sometimes stricken her with the feeling of adversity, getting a load of fresh nut butter to the face makes her feel just like everyone else!




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