Sneak n Peek (X-art)

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 Upload Date: 11/09/2016  Duration 18:12


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Have you ever imagined being blindfolded and taken advantage of by two gorgeous blondes? Well if you haven't, you probably will after seeing this! Join Grace and Samantha as they have their way with Grace's lucky boyfriend. The scene begins with Grace riding her boyfriend and Samantha watching from just outside the door. Samantha is getting really excited, so Grace - being the great friend she is invites Samantha to join in (but not before she covers her guys eyes). When he opens them he has a huge surprise, he is inside a new stunning blonde (not Grace!) and Grace is making out with her while they are going at it! The three all seem to get along perfectly and the action heats up from there. Watch them take turns giving each other awesome pleasure in HD!





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