Spinner On A Roll (Teamskeet)

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Watch in awe as the luscious little Zaya Cassidy rolls around the backyard not just in her cutesy roller skates, but also some scantily clad intimates. Shes got a perfectly plump ass complimented by some puny yet perky tits, and not to mention a pretty face too! After a luxurious skate sesh, Zaya makes her way inside for an even more luxurious fuck sesh. Richie has dealt with tiny girls before, and knows exactly all the right positions to hit it. From the infamous over the shoulder 69, to some deep missionary, our boy was quite thorough with how he burrowed into Zayas mini pussy. The greatest part about this scene though was that Zaya kept her skates on almost the entire time! Talk about being dedicated to your roll. Before sucking down all of Richies jizz, Zaya was sure to rub a little on her wheel bearings to make the ride of shame back home just a tad smoother.




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